Love, Learn, Live!

Today I practiced a kriya just because of the comments at the end. Our teacher, Yogi Bhajhan, gave little comments about each kriya.  Nuggets of wisdom and encouragement that help us to focus the practice and keep up.  Today’s comment was “Love, learn, live!” It sounds cliche, but when he broke it down, it gave … More Love, Learn, Live!


What is Mantra? Let’s say you don’t feel like a silent meditation, or maybe your mind is too busy to settle into a strictly breath oriented pranayama practice…what can you do to harness that mental energy and elevate it? Mantra.  Mantra is a word or phrase repeated to help you focus. Just like Kundalini kriyas, meditations, … More Mantra


Choosing a Kriya Usually you know what your body needs instinctively and choosing a kriya isn’t difficult. If you wake up feeling tired, find an energizing kriya.  If you feel uninspired creatively, choose a kriya for creativity or the second chakra. If you are having issues with fatigue, choose the Kriya for kidneys and adrenals. … More Kriya


Prana-what-a?!! You may have heard the word pranayam or pranayama in a yoga class and simply followed visual cues to participate in class. But today is the day you learn exactly what it means: Breath Work. Pranayama is regulating the breath in specific ways to achieve a desired outcome. So, very much like every other … More Pranayama


When people think of meditation, a vision of sitting cross-legged in a peacefully remote bucolic location that exists only in dreams or on vacation.  The reality of meditation is that we fit it into our lives whenever we can. We meditate on the morning commute, while waiting in line at the grocery store, and sometimes, … More Meditation